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মুক্ত বাংলা শপিং কমপ্লেক্স ৩য় তলায়।পূর্ব দিকে শেষ দোকান - ২৮৩।
লিফট - ২. মিরপুর - ১ ঢাকা
Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex 3rd floor.
283 no shop Lift - 2. Mirpur - 1 Dhaka

Tiens Lipid Management Tea, We mostly like tea. Drinking tea remove the risk of heart attack. Green tea is very beneficial for our body.

Green tea is the most important beverage in the world. It is an antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. It reduces brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and much other impressive benefit.

Green tea is just liquid. Green tea is prepared with various types of components in the tea leaves do make it into the final drink. This tea helps prevent all diseases of our body and destroy cancer cells.

Green tea is about 30 percent polyphones by weight, including large amounts of a catching called EGCG. It is Catechism is natural antioxidants that works prevent cell damage and provide other benefits.

Tea is very important for our body in life. This will prevent the body’s corrosion.

Green tea works less caffeine than coffee, but enough to produce an effect.

It also works the amino acid L-thiamine, which can work synergistically with caffeine reduce brain function. Green tea works the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in the short term.

Tiens Company being a marvelous product that’s name antilip tea is so much important for us. Antilip Tea is a very popular drink worldwide because of its immensely powerful health benefit.

BENEFITS Tiens Lipid Management Tea
Anti lip tea reduces the risk of cancer. This works our body by protecting cells from damage believed to be linked to cancer.

It helps prevent heart disease and stroke by lowering the level of cholesterol, heart attack, cell deaths and speeds up the recovery of heart cells.

It also contains antioxidant known as polyphones which fight against free radicals. What this means is, it works our fight against ageing and promotes longevity.

The tea also works with your body weight loss. It works in our body fat and boosts your metabolism rate naturally.

It works to burn up to 70 calories in just one day. This product works to the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, which cause wrinkling and skin ageing.

It is also works fight against skin cancer. It reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and blocking the enzyme that destroys cartilage.

This product keeps your bones strong. If we drink tea it will help your bone density. This product works for cholesterol level.

We should drink tea per day 3 or 4 cups.

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Bangladesh, Dhaka City, Mirpur
Mirpur 1,mukto Bangla Shopping Complex

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