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Tiens VLF Photon Health Mattress in BD
Do you Wanted to know about Tiens VLF Photon Mattress BD, It has seven major features: For the pleasant vibrancy of the 2/ 3 become pass to nap. Urine increment the efficacy and safety of natural health. The first step to bigger health laid to nap.

The Most Complete Detoxification Plan
What is Toxin? Generally, all hazardous objects can be defined as Toxin. They categorized as: Ab Extra Toxin Bacteria, virus, chemical substances.

Endogenetic Toxin – Residue produced from food digestion, metabolism of the body and pressure. These toxin are deposited in our colon, skin and blood. Colonial Toxin – Caused by constipation. The toxin deposited in colon will be absorbed by colon itself and causes tympanists, odorous breath, insomnia etc.

Dermal Toxin – Pore unable to sufficiently eliminate toxin through sweating, the residual toxin deposited subsequent to reference to the surface of skin soon become bad skin and elaborate dermatitis.

Blood Toxin – slack blood circulation. Blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol deposited in the region of the blood vessel and causes arteriosclerosis. The increasing acidity material is the root causes of various illness.

VLF Photon Health Mattress
Block low and tall blood pressure and vascular removed.
Eliminate constipation. Channel and remove the vein blockage
of the arteries. a variety of types of arthritis: aching, bone aggravate,
body tortured feeling that controls joint insipid tortured, Maintains the the normal
engagement of the brain, Ideal the body of weight reduces connection fat.
Balance of certain and negative ions in a healthy man.
excellent health physiotherapy effects of negative ions,
can regulate the bodys autonomic agitated system, to include
the hematopoietic undertaking Tienshi health mattress in a safe,
dependable products, and Environmental admin system traditional
ISO-9001 endorsement for this product.
190x100cm, 16 kg To use.
The likable sufficient pretension is to use it regularly to nap.
The Most Perfect Combination Of Energy
Photon – Invented by Russian, widely used by NASA. Body cell is unable to grow naturally in the non-gravity outer make known tend to cause losing of bone codicil, muscle atrophy and incomplete recovery of wound. Therefore, astronaut relies regarding photon to breathing the cytochrome for cellular metabolism.

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Mukto Bangla Shopping Complex, 3rd Floor (2nd in lift), Office No-283,
Mirpur-01, Dhaka-1216

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House # 958 & 968 East Shewra para,
Mirpur Dhaka

Website: https://dhakaa.com
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Registered on October 9, 2019

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Bangladesh, Dhaka City, Kafrul

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